How to use Facebook’s Image Text Check Tool

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If you’re paying for Facebook ads, you need to know there’s a text-to-image ratio that could negatively impact how many people see your advertisement. In this post, I’ll explain how to use Facebook’s free Image Text Check tool.

You’re probably already familiar with paying for a boosted post on Facebook but you should also know that there’s a whole range of other paid advertising products that Facebook offers. All these paid promotions have the same text-to-image rule.

Text-to-image rule

The text-to-image rule says that for your promotion to reach its largest potential audience, the image in that promotion should be nearly text free. Facebook’s definition of “text free” is pretty generous but you should still try to minimize the text you include in your image.

When you include too much text, Facebook penalizes you by showing your ad to smaller and smaller audiences. If the amount of text in your ad is extreme, Facebook can flat out decline to run your ad.

Luckily, making sure your image is ratio compliant is super easy.

First, Google “Facebook text overlay tool” and click on the first link. Once you’re there, click the “upload” button and navigate to the image you want to use in your promotion. Upload your image and Facebook will give you one of four scores telling you whether your image gets a pass or fail. If your image fails, you’ll receive some advice for improving your rating.

In the video, I use Facebook’s Image Text Check tool to compare four slightly different versions of the same ad. Each time I eliminate text or reduce the size of the text, Facebook gives my image a different grade until I finally arrive at an image that has the best chance at reaching its largest audience. When you get the green OK check mark, you’ve got the correct ratio of text-to-image for your Facebook ad.

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