Real Estate Photo Package – $265

  • Minimum of 20 photos.
  • Includes free sky swaps. We’ll replace grey or overcast skies with blue skies.
  • Includes elevated photos taken from atop our 25’ mast (when applicable).
  • For properties up to 4,000 square feet. Contact us for a custom price on larger properties.

Real Estate Photo + Slideshow Video Package – $299

Real Estate Video Package – $650

  • Minimum of 20 photos.
  • Includes free sky swaps. We’ll replace grey or overcast skies with blue skies.
  • You’ll also receive a branded, narrated video home tour. the most effective way to show your listing to potential buyers.
  • We write the script based on the listing’s feature sheet.
  • You have the option of narrating your video or have us narrate it for you.
  • The video length is usually between three to five minutes.
  • Includes up to three hours of site time. We use this time to photograph and video your listing. It’s also used to perform some light housekeeping and staging so the property looks great in its photos and video. This time is also used to shoot footage of nearby amenities and other community highlights (EX – nearby school, parks, beaches, shopping, etc)
  • Includes elevated photos and/or video taken from atop our 25’ mast (when applicable).
  • We post to social media so you don’t have to. Videos and photos are posted to our accounts and include your contact info and a call-to-action.
  • Includes $50 of paid promotion via our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.
  • You’re provided with the actual video file so it can be uploaded to your own social media accounts.
  • We provide you a custom, optimized video thumbnail.
  • Used by Realtors, landlords, homeowners, B’n B and Airbnb owners.
  • For properties up to 4,000 square feet. Contact us for a custom price on larger properties.

Custom Video – $TBD

  • Contact us for a custom quote.
  • For unique properties or properties over 4,000 square feet.

Real Estate Add-ons

Rush Fee – $300

  • Call for availability and turnaround times.

Open House Package – $40

  • Includes a branded image for social media and a paid Facebook/Instagram ad promoting your upcoming open house.

Day-to-Dusk – $35 per image

  • An exterior photo taken during the day that’s digitally edited to make it look like it was taken at dusk.
  • For added wow factor. 😍
  • More time and cost efficient than shooting twilight images.

Re-skin Existing Video – $75 per Video

  • Give an old video new life with updated branding, brokerage info, or contact details.

Virtual Staging – $60 per image

  • Interior images of a property where virtual furniture can be digitally inserted into empty rooms.
  • Virtually stage a vacant home for a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

Virtual Renovation – starts at $75 per image

  • A complete digital renovation of an existing space.
  • Digitally replace floors, repaint walls, and stage the space with virtual furnishings.
  • Excellent way to highlight the potential of a property that would benefit from post-purchase improvements.

Green Screen – $125/hr

  • Shooting against a green screen allows us to separate the subject from the background. This is how we create Realtor intros for our videos but the same technique can be used for any number of applications.

Outbuildings – $100 per structure

  • Have a listing with multiple structures on the property? This includes – but isn’t limited to – things like laneway homes, garden suites, and guesthouses.

Transcript for Video Subtitles – $45

  • Subtitles help boost search engine rankings and also make your video accessible to people who may be watching the video with the sound off. Examples of people who may be watching without sound could be patients in a waiting room, passengers on public transit, or a family member watching at home while the rest of family is engaged in a different activity.


Applicable to each listing.

  • Gibsons LocalFREE – Includes Port Melon to Lawson Road past Sechelt.
  • Halfmoon Bay – $25 – Lawson Road to Woodbay Heights Road.
  • Pender Harbour – $35 – Woodbay Heights Road to Pender Harbour Golf Club.
  • Earls Cove – $50 – Pender Harbour Golf Club to Earls Cove.

Drone Photography/Videography

We offer two flavours of drone packages:

  • Standalone – $150 for 10 aerial photos.
  • Add-on – $100 for aerial photos and video when added on to a Real Estate Photo or a Real Estate Video package.

Mast Photography/Videography

Our 25′ mast can be used in place of or in addition to a drone and provides the following benefits:

  • It’s included at no additional charge in each of our Real Estate Photo and Real Estate Video packages.
  • It’s silent and won’t disrupt neighbours and pets.
  • It can be used indoors or in delicate areas that would typically be off limits to drones.

Commercial/Promotional Custom Video – $TBD – Please contact us.

For non-real estate projects, we’ll customize a proposal that will best help achieve your marketing goal.

Call us to find out how our services can help you achieve your business’ goal. You don’t have to know what you want – we’re great at asking questions that help us understand your marketing need and we’re even better at coming up with compelling and interesting campaign ideas that you’ll be proud to share!

Please Note

  • A mileage charge may be applicable.
  • Photo turnaround time is two business days after shooting day.
  • Video turnaround time is four business days.
  • Need it sooner? We offer a rush service for faster times. Additional fees apply.
  • All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable taxes.