We help Realtors grow their business while simultaneously promoting their listings.

We’re most satisfied when we create marketing campaigns that resonate with an audience while helping our clients achieve their goals. What we do isn’t normal, typical, or traditional but it works and we pride ourselves on not simply selling ads but on creating positive outcomes.


In life and in work, we operate with integrity and support businesses and individuals with which we’re aligned. Growth, progress, and supporting others are three of our key values and we love working with similarly aligned clients.

We learn. We play. We grow. We strive for balance. We want to inspire you (and help you to inspire others) by sharing your story with our community.


  • We use digital video and social media to help Realtors market their business online.
  • We take photos and produce narrated video home tours that real estate agents use to promote their listings and their business.
  • We also create digital marketing campaigns that help promote Realtors as the go-to experts in their region.
  • We coach you on how to improve your social media accounts.


There are two parts to Burnt Boat Media:

  1. burntboat.media; and
  2. LiveOnTheSunshineCoast.ca

burntboat.media is the nuts-and-bolts, behind-the-curtain repository where we share our marketing philosophies. Visit this site for insights and how-tos that you can apply to your business.  burntboat.media is where we tell you about what we do and why we did it the way we did.  

LiveOnTheSunshineCoast.ca is where the rubber hits the road. We’re marketers that practice what we preach and this site is where you can see our concepts applied.  LiveOnTheSunshineCoast.ca is where we show you what we do.