Why Realtors should use video tours.

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Online video is THE dominant marketing medium. If you’re not using video tours to get listings and market your properties to qualified buyers, you’re going to get left behind.

There are two ways to approach video tours:

One is to look at online video as just another tool in your toolbox. In this scenario, video is treated no differently than posting photos, running newspaper ads, or putting a sign in front of the listing – it’s just another box to tick on a marketing checklist.

Realtors I’ve worked with in the past have told me that the time commitment to master this system is high – you need to field phone calls, schedule viewings, and host open houses in the hope of finally connecting with a serious, qualified buyer.

I totally respect the expertise required to make this system work and understand it’s the way the industry has operated for decades.
There are three issues I have with this traditional method: it’s resource intensive, not easily scalable, and its effectiveness declines each year.

It may be the way buyers were found in the past but it won’t be the way those connections will be made in the future.

The second way – and the way I believe the industry is moving – is to use online video as the centrepiece of your marketing strategy.


Our narrated tours showcase the property and can even include the neighbourhood and surrounding community. This allows the prospect to partially qualify him or herself before they reach out to you.

Buyers are increasingly performing their own legwork before engaging with a Realtor and if they can’t find the information they’re after, they move on to the next listing.

The most efficient, effective way to help your potential buyers with their research is with our branded, narrated, first-person walkthrough video tours. By being the Realtor that provides buyers with the info they want in a medium they’re hungry to consume, you separate your listings from the bulk of competing sellers.

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